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Humberto Kzure-Cerquera
Curriculum Vitae

Nota biográfica

Humberto is an Architect and Urban Planner, with a master's, doctoral and post-doctoral degree in the area of ​​Architecture and Urbanism. He has been a professor at several universities as a regular, substitute, partner, consultant and advisor professor, and is currently a professor at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro DAU / IT / UFRRJ, in Brazil, since November 2009. He has also been a researcher at some of these universities . He participated in many competitions and received awards and distinctions, such as in the Morar Carioca program, from the Municipal Housing Department of the City of Rio de Janeiro -SMH/PCR and the Institute of Architects of Brazil - IAB/RJ in 2010. He received a tribute for his “Authorship and Coordination of the Urbanization Project, from 1995, for the Terreirão and Vila Amizade Favelas, in Canal das Tachas, in the Recreio dos Bandeirantes neighborhood of the City of Rio de Janeiro” in 1998. He has been publishing his works since 2000, being the most recent, from 2022, entitled Healthy cities, urban health and the environmental issue in “contemporary acceleration” - Ed. FIOCRUZ. He participated in several conferences, national (in Brazil) and international. In addition, he has worked as an author, consultant and project coordinator for: Architecture and Building Planning, Urbanism, Landscape and Environment, and Urban and Regional Planning. He has carried out Technical-Administrative activities and has also been working in the ​​Cinema, most recently, in 2020, he directed the documentary A Cidade de Portas, in partnership with Teresa Prata and Production by Miguel Prata.

Áreas de especialização

Arquitetura, Urbanismo, Habitação de Interesse Social, Planejamento Urbano e Regional e Cinema Architecture, Urban Planning, Social Interest Housing, Urban and Regional Planning and Cinema