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Milousa António
Tel: 00 351 913 961 200
Morada institucional: Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade de Lisboa, Rua Sá Nogueira, Pólo Universitário, Alto da Ajuda, 1349-055 Lisboa, Portugal
Curriculum Vitae

Nota biográfica

Milousa António is an Architect-Urbanist, PhD student in Urban Planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon. She has a degree in Architecture and Physical Planning from FAPF (Faculty of Architecture and Physical Planning) at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Urbanism and Spatial Planning from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

She has been a collaborator of the Africa Habitat Project since November 2019, in which she participated, among other activities, in a research, on the perception of the secretary of 44 neighborhoods on the outskirts of the municipality of Maputo, on interventions in this territory.

Her professional experience is marked by her collaboration with the CEDH (Center for Studies for the Development of Habitat) in extension, research and consultancy projects, with emphasis on the research project Sustainable Energy Access in Mozambique: Socio-Political Factors in Conflict-Laden Urban Areas, funded by The British Academy, and the project to resettle seven (7) muamba villages, within the scope of the Action Plan for the Resettlement of Families Impacted by the Moamba Major Dam. She also collaborated in the Urban Requalification processes of some Neighborhoods in Maputo (like the Requalification projects in the neighborhoods of Chamanculo C, Chamanculo D and George Dimitrov). She participated in the pilot phase of the MapMoz collaborative mapping project and was a university assistant at FAPF. She was a researcher and assistant professor at the Center for Studies for the Development of Habitat (CEDH) of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Eduardo Mondlane University, 

Her most recent research focuses on equitable and inclusive urban planning and development, and access to collective urban infrastructure and services in cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her research interests involve spatial planning, infrastructure and sustainable urban development in cities in the Global South.

Áreas de especialização

Equitable and inclusive urban development in the Global South; Sustainable Urbanism; Territorial Planning; Collective Infrastructure and Urban Services.

Últimas publicações

ANTÓNIO, Milousa (forthcoming) Complementing or conflicting rationalities How self-production practices in collective space can shape urban planning. Insights from Maputo city. in Planning Cities in Africa, edited by Genet Alem, Springer.

ANTÓNIO, Milousa (2019) Sustentabilidade em bairros autoproduzidos de baixa renda. Abordagem focada no espaço coletivo. Thesis presented for obtaining a master's degree in Sustainable Urbanism and Territorial Planning at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Lisbon.