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event . Africa Habitat Debate Cycle . Jun|02

Africa Habitat Debate Cycle

Culture and resistance

FAUL, Gestual-CIAUD; Arquiteturas Film Festival . June 2nd, 2021




  • Speakers

Ana Inglês, Ermelindo Quaresma 


  • Moderator

Nádia Albuquerque



Film: "Elinga Theater" (Elinga Teatro) 

Paulo Azevedo
Angola, 2019, 52’
In a city where the cultural spaces are insuficcient, where the colonial theaters are imploded and replaced by the architecture that challenges the sky, Elinga Theater is surrounded by luxurious new buildings and the misery of the ones who live in Baixa streets. Elinga is a cultural anchor, a part of the theater emergence in Angola, estimulating the artistic creativity, innovation and cultural exchange. The Elinga Theater company is based on a XIX century building, being considered "historic testemony of the colonial past", dequalified in 2011 by the Culture Ministery. The imminence of the demolition of one of the most attractive cultural poles of the cuntry has turned this theater into its own myth. The city has combined efforts, such as manifestations, watches and events honoring the space for its survival and longevity