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event . Africa Habitat Debate Cycle . Jun|03
FAUL, Gestual-CIAUD; Arquiteturas Film Festival . 02, 03, 04 de Junho de 2021

Africa Habitat Debate Cycle


FAUL, Gestual-CIAUD; Arquiteturas Film Festival . June 3rd, 2021




  • Speakers:

Manuela da Fonte, Zezé Gamboa


  • Moderator:

Nádia Albuquerque



Film: "A party to live" (Uma festa para viver) 

Ruy Duarte de Carvalho 
Angola, 1975, 35' 
Filmed decreasingly for the 15 days prior the independence of Angola, it shows the expectations of a family of the Cazenga neighborhood, in the peripheri of Luanda, the TAP employees and a cerimony that took place in the reffered neighborhood in November 11th.



Film: Affections of Betão - Zopo LAdy (Afectos de Betão - Zopo LAdy)

Kiluanji Kia Henda
Angola, 2014, 12' 
It is freely inspired by the first chapter of  "One more day of life" ("Mais um dia de vida" (1976)), from the autobiographical report of the polish writer and journalist Ryszard Kapuściński of the 1975 summer in Angola, to address the resignifications of the independence process through its successive time horizons. Understanding the construction and organization of the point of view proccesses and the reflection about the modernist visual forms as central points, the film is narratively structured by multiple and diffuse temporalities, from the anti-colonial period to the present.