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Urban Circuit: Habitar as Margens na Lusotopia

Session 01: Situation, adaptation and priorities in the Covid times

FAUL, October 10th, 2020




  • Speakers:

Eliane Silva (MTST/Alagoas);

Mateus Nicolau (Resident of Zango, Viana);

Carlota Zefanias (Secretary of the Aeroporto B Neighborhood);

Ricardina Cuthbert (President of the Torre Amiga Association).


  • Moderator:

Débora Cavalcanti (NEST/UFAL)


This event is part of a cycle, combining three talks with community leaderships of the urban margins of Angola, Brasil, Moçambique and Portugal. It is organized by the Africa Habitat project: from the habitat sustainability to the inhabiting quality in the urban margins of Luanda and Maputo (coordinated by FAUL and financed by FCT and AKDN) and by the "Lusotopia" Peripheral Territories post doctoral work, from Débora Cavalcanti (NEST-UFAL). The conversation will consider a diagnosis of the everyday life in the urban margins, seven months after the WHO decreted the pandemic situation, knowing that the pandemic has a different rhythm in every corner of the "Lusotopia". The debate will cover the different situations, the adaptations and the priority problems to be solved in each location.