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event . Session 04 . Jul|29

Luanda Seminar: The role of the architects and urbanists in the urban margins

Session 04: The role of the institutions on the urban margins

FAUL, Gestual-CIAUD; DA-UAN,  July 29th, 2021




  • Speakers:

Crisóstomo Martinho (Architect and Consultor at the municipality of  Viana - until 2020); 

Ilídio Daio (Architect and Professor at FA/UM; Ex-GTRUC);

João Domingos (Jurist and Social Educator at DW).


  • Debater:

Domingos Macucule (Professor at FAPF/UEM and Coordinator of the CEDH)


  • Moderators:

Ilídio Daio (Professor at FA/UM)

Andrea Arruda (Post doctoral fellow at FAUL and Professor at UFMT)

Osvaldo Brás (Doctoral fellow at FAUL)