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event . Luanda seminar | the role of the architects and urbanists in the urban margins

Luanda Seminar | Presentation

FAUL, Gestual-CIAUD; DA-UAN, July and August, 2021




  • Seminar Coordinating Institutions:

Architecture Department, Engineering Faculty, Agostinho Neto University (DA/FE/UAN);

Architecture School, University of Lisbon (FAUL), through Gestual-CIAUD.


  • Seminar Organizing committee:

António Gameiro (DA/FE/UAN);

Isabel Martins (DA/FE/UAN);

Ilídio Daio (FA/UM);

Isabel Raposo (FAUL);

Andrea Arruda (Post doctoral fellow at FAUL and professor at UFMT);

Osvaldo Brás (Doctoral fellow at FAUL).


  • Seminar Scientific Committee:

Allan Cain (DW);

Andrea Arruda (Post doctoral fellow at FAUL and professor at UFMT)

António Gameiro (DA/FE/UAN);

Domingos Macucule (FAPF);

Humberto Kzure Cerquera (DAU/IT/UFRRJ);

Isabel Martins (DA/FE/UAN);

Isabel Raposo (FAUL);

João Tique (FAPF/UEM);

Luís Lage (FAPF/UEM);

Paulo Moreira (Post doctoral fellow at FAUL).


  • Objectives
  • Getting to know the different perspectives of the architects who worked and made researches, in different institutional contexts, on the different situations of urban margins in Luanda and on the different interventions that they have been targeted and their impacts;

  • Contributing to the reflection on the challenges of the professional and research practices about the urban margins;

  • Identifying the methodologies and strategic guidelines of the best interventions.


  • Seminar guiding questions: 
  • How can the different types of social urbanistic situations in the margins of Luanda be distinguished, being more and more extensives?

  • Is the expression "musseque" still appropriate for all the current urban margins situations, identified nowadays?

  • What are the impacts of policies, programs and interventions carried out or in progress on the urban margins?

  • Which are the most successful interventions in terms of habitat sustainability and housing quality and what are their methodologies and strategic lines?

  • What are the current intervention priorities and what are the challenges for the professional and research practices in the urban margins?


  • Five themes will be addressed, all focused on the urban margins of Luanda:
  • Urban and housing policies;

  • Urban and housing plans and projects;

  • The role of the public institutions and the civil society organizations;

  • Masters and Doctoral investigations;

  • The professional practice of the architects and urbanists.


The seminar takes place in the Africa Habitat Project, from the habitat sustainability to the inhabiting quality in the urban margins of Luanda and Maputo. It is organized by the Architecture Department of the Engineering School of the Universidade Agostinho Neto (DA/FE/UAN), with the support of the Architecture Faculty of the University of Lisbon (FAUL). Its main objective is to understand the different visions of the architects and urbanists that develop their professional or research activities in Luanda, in different institutional contexts, under different urban margins situations and under different interventions they are impacted by, willing to contribute for the reflection on the challenges of the professional practice and researches about the urban margins in Luanda.