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conversation cycle . Session 6

Africa Habitat Conversation Cycle

Session 6

FAUL, January 15th, 2020


  • Talk 1

Alex Magalhães (Professor at UFRJ / IPPUR, Post Doctoral Fellow at CES-UC)

How to face the challenges of the "musseques" in Luanda? Requalification, regeneration, reconversion, regularization, reestructuring, rehousing or re-planning? A reflection on the intervention models in self-produced neighborhoods. 


  • Talk 2

Ângela Mingas (Professor at Universidade Lusíada de Angola, Post Doctoral Fellow at FAUL)

Urban communities: building a solution for land regularization of the disperse and non-structured "musseques"


  • Moderator

Sílvia Jorge (Gestual-CIAUD, FAUL)


  • Debaters

Andrea Arruda (Post Doctoral Fellow at FAUL and Professor at UFMT)

Sílvia Viegas (CES-UC)