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event . Final Seminar . Jul|11 to 15

Africa Habitat Final Seminar

FAUL, July 11th to 15th, 2022
Seminar Flyer  .  FAUL, CUBO and food services maps


July 11 | monday | CUBO

  • 17h45 | Art Installation visit

Kubanga Kukatula, from Lino Damião and Nelo Teixeira

  • 18h00 | Book Pre-releasing 

Critical Neighbourhoods. The architecture of contested communities,

by Paulo Moreira (FAUL, Instituto)

Discussion by Álvaro Domingues (FAUP)

  • 18h30 | Documentary Screening

A Cidade de Portas by Humberto Kzure and Teresa Prata

Moderation by Isabel Raposo (FAUL)

Presentation by Humberto Kzure-Cerquera (DAU-IT-UFRRJ)

Discussion by Álvaro Domingues (FAUP) and Tiago Mota Saraiva (FAUL)


July 12 | tuesday | CUBO

  • 09h30 | Sessão de Abertura

FAUL President

Coordinator of Africa Habitat Project

Representatives of partner institutions in Luanda (DA-FE-UAN; DW) and Maputo (FAPF-UEM; Kaya Clínica-FAPF-UEM)

Representatives of funding institutions  (FCT; AKDN)

  • 10h00 | Expansion of the urban margins of Luanda and Maputo and infrastructure challenges

Moderation by Isabel Raposo (FAUL)

Presentatios by Jéssica Lage (FAPF-UEM); Osvaldo Bráz (FAUL); Allan Cain and Cupi Baptista (DW); Milousa António (FAUL)

Discussion by Sónia Frias (CEsA-ISEG-UL) and Humberto Kzure-Cerquera (DAU-IT-UFRRJ)

  • lunch break


  • 13h30 | Roundtable

Civil society/NGOs: participatory approaches on the urban margins of Luanda and Maputo

Moderation by Jéssica Lage (FAPF-UEM)

Presentations by Sara Martím (ASF); *(WSUP); João Domingos (DW); Rafael Morais (SOS Habitat); Pedro Branquima (APDCH)

Discussion by Elis Mavie (FAPF-UEM) and Andréa Arruda (FAUL; DAU-FAET-UFMT)

  • 15h30 | Habitat quality and inhabiting sustainability

Moderation by Débora Cavalcanti (FAU-UFAL)

Presentations by Isabel Raposo (FAUL); Paulo Moreira (FAUL; Instituto) and Lino Damião; Tânia Rosário (FAUL)*; Vanessa Melo (Gestual-CIAUD) and Jéssica Lage (FAPF-UEM); Manuel Guedes and Nádia Albuquerque* (IST-UL)

Discussion by Ilídio Daio (DA-UMA) and Ana Fernandes (FAUP)

  • 17h45 | Experimentation in Luanda

Moderation by Isabel Raposo (FAUL)

Presentations by Chaline Henriques (FAUL) and Eduardo Afonso (CM Chicala1); Paulo Moreira (FAUL; Instituto), Faustina Silva and Otinebo António (DW)

Discussion by Sílvia Viegas (CIAC/UAIg) and Allan Cain (DW)


July 13 | wednesday | CUBO

  • 09h00 | Teaching on the urban margins of Luanda, Maputo and Lisbon

Moderation by Andréa Arruda (FAUL; DAU-FAET-UFMT)

Presentations by Isabel Martins e António Gameiro (DA-FE-UAN); Ilídio Daio (DA-UMA); João Tique, Elis Mavie and Domingos Macucule (FAPF-UEM); Isabel Raposo (FAUL)

Discussion by Remígio Chilaule(FAPF-UEM) and Daniel Jesus (FAUL)

  • 10h30 | Perception of interventions and trainings os local leaderships in Maputo

Moderation by Isabel Raposo (FAUL)

Presentations by Débora Cavalcanti (FAU-UFAL); Milousa António (FAUL) and Moisés Francisco (FAPF-UEM); Bernardino Jaieia (FAPF-UEM); Elis Mavie, Jéssica Lage, Martin Mganyasi, Moisés Francisco (FAPF-UEM)

Discussion by Luís Lage (FAPF-UEM) and José Luis Crespo (FAUL)

  • lunch break

Room 5.08 (afternoon)

  • 14h00 | Policy and urban planning instruments and intervention strategies on urban margins

Moderation by Milousa António (FAUL)

Presentations by António Gameiro (DA-FE-UAN); João Tique (FAPF-UEM), Domingos Macucule (FAPF-UEM); Ilídio Daio (DA-UMA); Allan Cain (DW);  Luís Lage (FAPF-UEM)

Discussion by Albino Mazembe (FAPF-UEM)* and Luís Carvalho (FAUL)

  • 16h30 | Closing session . Contributions of the Africa Habitat Project

Moderation by Milousa António (FAUL)

Presentations by António Gameiro e Isabel Martins (DA-FE-UAN); Allan Cain (DW); Luís Lage (FAPF-UEM) and João Tique (FAPF-UEM); Isabel Raposo (FAUL)

Reflective contribution of

Humberto Kzure Cerquera (DAU-IT-UFRRJ)


July 14 and 15 | thursday and friday

  • Brainstorming by the Africa Habitat Project team